Vokser means GROWTH

We are dedicated to supporting those who choose it.


EXPAND your vision.

Create a new path beyond your circumstances.


Fear Less. Achieve More.

We will support you every step of the way.


WELLNESS is essential to a High Performance culture.

A healthy and engaged team always yields better results.

Let's Talk About Corporate Wellness

We partner with professionals and growing companies.


In TRANSITION or looking to REINVENT yourself?

Making a significant career or life change is never easy. Having a coach by your side can make all the difference between a good move and an outstanding outcome.  Learn more.




Looking to DEVELOP or TRANSFORM an aspect of your life or career?

Courageous and bold actions require a clear vision for long lasting results. Partnering with a coach will explore the possibilities with you and help you develop the clarity you need for an amazing outcome.  Learn more.


Need to IMPROVE the quality of your relationships, management style, or personal brand?

Do you want to be more EFFECTIVE in collaboration, communicating with your team, or creating optimum results? Partnering with a coach is a great way to create better results, get noticed, and increase performance to levels you have never seen. Learn More.

Strategic Organization Development

Vokser supports growing companies with a desire to create or maintain a purpose-driven culture of learning, engagement, and wellness for their employees. We provide the following coaching and consulting services:

  • Executive Coaching for high potentials, senior management, and sales professionals
  • HR/People Operations Consulting for start-ups and private equity owned companies entering growth or acquisition phase.
  • Competitive Health and Wellness Benefit Plan Design with annual Budget Analysis, Open Enrollment Communications, Employee Training, and ongoing Compliance monitoring.
  • HR initiatives, programs, and project needs designed to attract talent and enhance company culture:
  • Develop an Unique Employer Branding Strategy
  • Mission, Vision, and Value Statements
  • On-boarding and Orientation Programs
  • Amazing Employee Events

For more information on these services, please contact us.

Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

While most companies do “something” to promote health and wellness in their cultures, very few (7%) offer comprehensive approaches that engage and result in better health outcomes for their employee base.

Through Vokser Strategies consulting and coaching services, we offer free analysis of your current wellness offerings to design a customized health and welfare benefits package to address: your budget, culture, and employer branding strategies.

Our integrated approach to wellness and benefit programs are designed to maximize engagement, increase performance, maintain compliance of state and federal regulations, as well as create results that resonate all the way to the bottom line.

For more information on these services, please contact us.